GridDescriptionLast ModifiedPackagesFeatures
Base 64Base 64 encoders and decodersSat 27 Apr65
Complex numbersLibraries for working with complex numbers in pure elm.Mon 15 Apr30
CryptoCrypto libraries for elmSun 28 Apr50
HashingSun 28 Apr30
HTTPWed 01 May110
IconsFont Awesome and other icon libraries integrated into ElmWed 08 May80
IDE supportElm support for different IDEs.Tue 07 May11
Image and galleryLibraries that make handling images easierWed 08 May30
JSONJson processing and utilsSat 13 Apr43
JSON to ElmDecoder generators for ElmWed 08 May10
MarkdownElm packages that are generate HTML from MarkdownMon 22 Apr21
MathMath libraries for elmMon 15 Apr50
MinifiersTools that allows you to compress and minify all of your compiled JS files.Thu 25 Apr20
ParsersDifferent parsers implemented in elm.Sat 27 Apr70
Protocol BuffersElm implementation of Protocol Buffers/ProtoBuf. 27 Apr20
RandomRandom number generators for elm.Sun 28 Apr62
Static generatorsElm to HTML static file generators.Mon 22 Apr10
UI and CSSElm libraries focused to help with styling and CSS.Sun 14 Apr42
Used by this siteUsed by Elm Finder to implement search field.Sat 11 May120