ActiveMQ has, in addition to its JMS implementation, a REST API.

This package provides a simple wrapper for that REST API. You can * publish * and consume JMS messages.


Cancelling HTTP requests to consume

The Active MQ (5.15.9) REST API implementation creates a consumer, which, even if the HTTP request itself is cancelled, will time out at its own pace. Messages arriving after the HTTP request are cancelled but before the JMS consumer times out will be lost. So don't cancel them HTTP requests.

Using different consumption techniques, like clientId or oneShot=true both produced the same results.

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing

Chances are you need to set up Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) correctly.

Demo app

There is no live demo you can go to (sorry), as this package needs an ActiveMQ service installation.

You need to build and set up the demo according to its instructions.