Outline contains everything about outline rendering.


type alias Outline =

{ color : Maybe.Maybe Color.Color, thickness : Maybe.Maybe Elegant.Helpers.Shared.SizeUnit, style : Maybe.Maybe Elegant.Outline.OutlineStyle }

The Outline record contains everything about one outline side. You probably won't use it as is, but instead using Elegant.outline which automatically generate an empty Outline record. You can then use modifiers. I.E.

    [ Outline.solid
    , Elegant.color Color.blue

type OutlineStyle


Represents the possible styles of the outline. It can be Solid or Dashed. They are created by solid and dashed.

Default border

default : Elegant.Outline.Outline

Generate an empty Outline record, with every field equal to Nothing. You are free to use it as you wish, but it is instanciated automatically by Elegant.outline.

Border modifiers


thickness : Elegant.Helpers.Shared.SizeUnit -> Modifiers.Modifier Elegant.Outline.Outline

Set the thickness of the outline.

none : Modifiers.Modifier Elegant.Outline.Outline

Set the outline to none.

solid : Modifiers.Modifier Elegant.Outline.Outline

Set the outline as solid.

dashed : Modifiers.Modifier Elegant.Outline.Outline

Set the outline as dashed.


outlineToCouples : Elegant.Outline.Outline -> List.List ( String.String, String.String )

Compiles an Outline record to the corresponding CSS list of tuples. Compiles only styles which are defined, ignoring Nothing fields.