Interact with files on IPFS

There are very few file storage options available for Elm which can easily be incorporated into packages. This package attempts to fix part of this problem by build file storage on top of the IPFS HTTP API.

What you get

Currently, there is only minimal functionality, but even this minimal functionality should still be quite useful.

Add a string to IPFS:

helloIpfs : Task Http.Error File
helloIpfs =
    Ipfs.add "" "Hello planet"

Get the string back from IPFS:

welcomeIpfs : Task Http.Error String
welcomeIpfs =
    Ipfs.hash "QmYwAPJzv5CZsnA625s3Xf2nemtYgPpHdWEz79ojWnPbdG/readme"
        |> ( "")
        |> Maybe.withDefault ( Http.BadUrl "bad hash")


I have plans to add more to this - likely mutable files, and encrypted files. Stay tuned!