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Experimental protobuf plugin generating elm code from proto definitions.

The plugin itself is written in Go, and it requires the base protoc protobuf compiler to be installed on the system.

For a sample generated output file, see https://github.com/tiziano88/elm-protobuf/blob/master/protoc-gen-elm/go_tests/testdata/repeated/expected_output/Repeated.elm

Supported features

  • [x] double/float fields
  • [x] int32/int64/uint32/uint64/sint32/sint64/fixed32/fixed64/sfixed32/sfixed64 fields
  • [x] bool fields
  • [x] string fields
  • [ ] bytes fields
  • [x] message fields
  • [x] enum fields
  • [x] imports
  • [x] nested types
  • [ ] Any type
  • [x] Timestamp type
  • [ ] Duration type
  • [ ] Struct type
  • [x] wrapper types
  • [ ] FieldMask type
  • [ ] ListValue type
  • [ ] Value type
  • [ ] NullValue type
  • [ ] oneof
  • [ ] map
  • [ ] packages
  • [ ] options

How to install


The simplest way to install the plugin is to download a pre-compiled binary from https://github.com/tiziano88/elm-protobuf/releases , then unpack it and copy or move the protoc-gen-elm binary somewhere in your $PATH.

From source

  • Make sure that you have a Go environment correctly set up, and that $GOPATH/bin is included in your $PATH. See https://golang.org/doc/install for info.

  • Install a recent protoc compiler version from https://github.com/google/protobuf (it must have support for proto3 format).

  • Obtain the protoc-gen-elm binary using go get:

    go get github.com/tiziano88/elm-protobuf/protoc-gen-elm

How to run

Run the protoc compiler specifying the --elm_out flag:

protoc --elm_out=. *.proto

protoc will automatically detect the protoc-gen-elm binary from your $PATH and use it to generate the output elm code.

Then, in your project, add a dependency on the runtime library:

elm package install tiziano88/elm-protobuf